At Ventures for Good, our mission is to:

  • serve the under-served. We have begun in and continue to serve in Uganda.

  • provide low-cost technology to the teachers and students.

  • provide teacher training through visiting Professors and Tech experts

  • provide educational technology instruction
  • support local efforts through project based learning

While we believe that education is the key to Uganda's economic success, we are dedicated to the belief that primary school is the best place to deliver an education worthy of the 21st century. While a primary school education is mandated in Uganda, a high school education is not.  As a result,  tens of thousands of children will never know much of the world they live in. Girls are especially impacted as many are exploited and pregant by the time they reach eighth grade. We would like to offer these girls an option to pursue a career.lace to deliver an education worthy of the 21st century.

As the population grows, so must our efforts. Empowerment will not be accomplished by one-to-one contact, although that will be part of it. No, empowerment must take on geometric proportions. Starting at the highest levels of the educational system, we propose to bring the educational resources to the population through a multi-tiered initiative. Our collaborative efforts have resulted in a plan to disseminate important information, practical advice, empathetic guidance from the university level down to the upper levels of primary school children. It is in primary school where children learn cooperation, conscience, practical skills and where they should learn problem-solving skills in a protected environment. It is here where parents and caregivers are most involved with their young children and could benefit from a curriculum that provides skills and resources for them as well as their children. The essentials of reading and writing are taught but for what purpose? We must infuse the curriculum with empowering skills such as self-advocacy, food security, healthy living and safety issues. These children then become conduits to the household, providing useful resources and substantive assistance. Parents and caregivers should become aware of the curriculum and encouraged to participate in activities that are self-sustaining. We believe it is these children who will assume leadership roles in the foreseeable future. We believe we can provide a pathway to empowerment and life-long learning.

Time is of the essence: In the time it takes the government to react with policy changes, a generation of children will have completed their limited education. The need is great and so urgent in Uganda where most children complete only primary school, that only an infusion of well-targeted assistance plan can infuse this precious primary education with the tools of the 21st century.ragraph here.

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