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Welcome to the Ventures for Good Distance Learning Site. This site will be updated regularly and will host classes for pre-service and in-service teachers on the integration of technology in the primary grades.

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It is very important that you keep in touch with me. Click on the word Literacy below. That is the first class I will offer. The second one,Websites, focuses on very helpful educational websites.

Available Courses

  • These files and websites are for developing lessons for Primary Grades using your XO tablets and your curriculum. In Topics 9 and 10, there are manuals describing the machine. if you need more information about how to install software or reset the machine or server, please go to the XO Installations Class.
  • In this class, there will be information on Flashing your XO so that you can start fresh, how to set up a school server, how to install a new activity, etc.
  • This course is for the Jinja teachers who are part of the project at the Kabagezi Center at the Main Street School in Jinja Uganda

Please email Dr. Joanne Clemente at for assistance.
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