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Would you like to travel and teach?  But maybe you don't have the time....

Did you know that there is a way you can teach vicariously?

You can Adopt-A-Prof! Use your Frequent Flyer Miles For Good

It is a simple procedure:

1-Please check that your frequent flyer miles allow for a trip to Entebbe, Uganda.

2-Contact me at to pledge your miles.

3-I will contact you with Traveler Names and Preferred dates of travel.

4-Book the flight using your miles in the traveler's name.

6-Accept our THANKS!

This would be a tremendous contribution as professors often cannot afford to make these trips. Professors do not receive a stipend for their African teaching expeditions. They can only go if they pay their own way. You can help by donating frequent flyer miles.

In return: We will provide you with pictures of "your trip", feature you on our website (if you want), and provide letters of appreciation from teachers and students in Uganda. Please help!