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Background Description of Management Team Model Where there is no paid staff, the board’s committee structure becomes the organization’s administrative structure and the board members are also the managers and delivers of programs and services. Individually or in committees, board members take on all governance, management and operational tasks including strategic planning, bookkeeping, fund-raising, newsletter, and program planning and implementation.The widespread adoption of the Management Team model, arises out its correspondence with modern ideas about team management and democratic structures in the workplace. It also fits well with the widely held view of nonprofits as volunteer-driven or at least nonprofessional organizations.

Boards which operate under the Management Team model are characterized by a high degree of involvement in the operational and administrative activities of the organization. In organizations with professional management this normally takes the form of highly directive supervision of the CEO and staff at all levels of the organization. Structurally, there may be many committees and subcommittees. Decision-making extends to fine details about programs, services, and administrative practices. When working well, two criteria tend to be used in the selection of members: their knowledge and experience in a specific field, such as business or accounting; or because they are members of a special interest group or sector that the board considers to be stakeholders.


The Board of Directors for Ventures for Good Foundation will function within the Management Team Model. Each member was chosen for their knowledge and experience in the field and their commitment to the missions of this organization. Titles are given to reflect the management organization.

The Board of Directors for Ventures for Good Foundation functions within the Management Team Model. Each member was chosen for their knowledge and experience in the field and their commitment to the missions of this organization. Titles are given to reflect the management organization.

President/CEO – Dr. Joanne Clemente

joanne-thumb-150Dr. Joanne Clemente is the founder of Ventures for Good Foundation. An Instructional Technologist, Dr. Clemente brings a commitment to teaching, technology integration and underserved populations to this Board of Directors. Having taught for more than 20 years at all levels from K-12 to graduate schools, as well as in the corporate arena, she brings energy and enthusiasm for the endless possibilities born and facilitated by an education filled with ample opportunities. She would like to provide this for underserved populations by enlisting the talents of committed volunteers and properly placed contributions. Her background in technology and video, as well as a keynote speaker, workshop leader, professor and volunteer in Africa and the US, has both motivated and prepared her to form this foundation in service of the underserved.

VP of Operations – John Clemente

John_Clemente_Photo-150John Clemente is an experienced Director of Educational Services at another non-profit, Teaching Matters. In his capacity there, he assigns and directs educational consultants to work in public schools to effect improvements in literacy, mathematics, critical thinking and technological integration. His background in curriculum development is essential to providing the level of educational development we desire in developing communities. His creative talents will insure that fund raising efforts are timely, innovative and successful. He was previously an AmeriCorps volunteer and a middle school teacher.

VP of Finance and Treasurer – Robert G. Lynch

Mr. Lynch is a managing administrator of a large mergers and acquisition law firm and as such has been responsible for the execution of major projects, detailing proposals and financial statements as well as personnel deployment. He is a financial analyst with proven leadership in construction projects and cost-saving re-organization initiatives.

Director of Development – Dr. Brenda Dressler

Dr. Dressler has spent the majority of her career in Education and has an enormous network of professional colleagues, undergraduate and graduate students. She is currently a very active professor teaching face-to-face classes, online webinars and engages in volunteer work internationally. She was previously a Social Studies Middle School Teacher for 25 years as well as an active Health Educator in K-12 and at the college Level. She also coordinates the Touro’s College’s program for Students with Special Needs.

Director of Development – Albert Moschetti

Albert Moschetti is currently responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of adult education programs focusing on academic enhancement, short- term job training, ESL, GED, continuing education and training programs for businesses at the Board of Cooperative Extension Services in Rockland County, NY. He supervises a budget of $3,000,000 of which $460,000 are grants. He is a detail oriented professional with extensive experience in developing, implementing and directing programs, strategic planning, managing budgets, supervising and developing staff, counseling, administration, as well as providing educational programs.  He has the enviable ability to lead others and foster a team environment. He has previously been an Assistant Principal, a School to Work Coordinator, an Executive Director of the Youth Bureau in White Plains, NY. as well as an Adjunct Professor.


Assistant Director of Research and Grant Writing – Alexandra Salas

Alex-150Alexandra Salas has experience with traditional and distributed-learning online platforms. She is trained in instructional design and course development. Courses taught feature management, graduate writing, cultural diversity, college-level English, English literature, Rhetoric and journalism/mass communication courses such as Public Relations, Media Writing, and Speech Communication with an emphasis on intercultural, interpersonal and public speaking, and a variety of other writing classes. She has also served as market consultant for exporters in Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic. Her versatility and extensive background will enable us to provide what is needed, where it is needed and how it is needed with a developmental approach.

Secretary and Director of International Outreach – Dr. Sheila Gersh

gersh-150Dr. Sheila Offman Gersh was the Director of Technology and International Projects for the Center for School Development, School of Education at the City College of the City University of New York. For more than 20 years she directed a variety of global instructional projects as well as delivered domestic graduate courses/ workshops that engaged teachers and students in inquiry-based, collaborative technology-rich projects.  Dr. Gersh is expert in the uses of technology for education and has presented keynote sessions, workshops and institutes in the local, national and international arena. She has authored a number of journal articles in this area, both, in the US and abroad  She is the U.S. Coordinator for the European Schools Project and is currently the Director for the Center for Global Engagement at Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, NY.


Director for Educational Policy and Developmental Support – Charles Celauro

Charlie-150-Charles Celauro has spent the bulk of his career as a primary school principal, mostly in the NYC public school system. He has followed the Bank Street Model for education and has received numerous grants, one of which deserves particular note. He started a School for Parents in Harlem to get minority parents involved in their students’ education. This has since become the model for the Bronx Welcome Center. He has taken underperforming schools into compliance to be no longer registered on the SUR (Schools under Review) list. Retired from the public arena, he now serves as principal in a private school and adjunct professor in Mercy College’s School of Education. He brings energy, experience and enthusiasm for quality educational reform to this organization.

Director for Educational Policy and Developmental Support – Susan O’Hanlon

Susan O’Hanlon is a veteran teacher for both elementary school students and for students who are visually impaired at varied levels. As such, she is expert at modifying curriculum in order to provide equitable educational services. Her background includes working in the public sector as a teacher in elementary schools and across all levels as an itinerant teacher for United Cerebal Palsy and for the Board of Cooperative Extensions in Orange County, NY. She brings vast experience and practical solutions to the complex issue of providing equal educational opportunities to this organization.

Director for Educational Policy and Developmental Support – Kathleen Femiani

Kathleensmall=150-Kathleen Femiani  is an Instructor of Teacher Education and the Childhood Program Coordinator at Dominican College of Blauvelt. She teaches educational psychology and the methods of teaching mathematics, science, and social studies. She also supervises four student teachers each semester. Kathleen has had a long career (26.5 years) teaching grades 1-6 and brings an enormous array of teaching strategiesto our organization.




Director for Collaborative Projects and MakerSpace Activities- James Tanner

James Tanner, celebrated architect in Rockland County, New York, has to his credit the design of 30% of homes in the county. His design expertise and building abilities provide a tremendous resource for developing children’s interests locally with an eye toward establishing joint projects between Rockland County, NY students and those in Jinja, Uganda.