Jinja- site of our first deployment

In the little town of Jinja, 3 schools each have 5 XO computers and 2 XO tablets. Each classroom has an average of 50 students! To top that, these are put in a closet for the entire school to use. Clearly, while this is better than nothing, it is truly not enough to bring 21st century learning to the children. Please visit the XO Laptop Page to learn more about these amazing machines.j


It is now 2016 and our last trip to Uganda was amazing! We now have 6 schools on board. Each of them, except for New Victory which is new to us, has approximately 5 – 10 XO Laptops and 10 XO tablets. Teachers have been trained in their use but it is an ongoing endeavor. Each school also has a PC and a projector. This improvement was made possible by generous donations. Visit the 2015 blog to get a more detailed view of what we accomplished. Proud we are!

  • Collaborating with the XOs
  • Not enough to go around!
  • Teachers Learning
  • At the Presentation Ceremony
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